Amine Ethoxylate

emulsifier-250x250 AMINE ETHOXYLATE (SLS)
(Ethoxylate speciality product intended to be used as Acid Thickener. This product provides added benefits like Wetting, Foam, Emulsification, etc)
Ethoxylation is an industrial process in which ethylene oxide is added to alcohols and phenols to give surfactants.
Common surfactants produced by ethoxylation include alcohol ethoxylates and alcohol ethoxysulfates.
Ethoxylated fatty alcohols are often converted to the organosulfate. A well-known example is sodium laureth sulfate, a foaming agent in shampoos and toothpastes, as well as an industrial detergent. The conversion typically uses sulfur trioxide or chlorosulfuric acid.
Appearance Light Brown Oily Semi-Clear Liquid
Odor Characteristic
pH @ 5% aqueous 10 -12
Viscosity, CPS <150
Specific gravity 0.88 +- 0.03
Cloud Point, °C 30 Min
Packing 50 / 200 kg Drum
General Applications Acid Thickening Agent, Emulsifier, Corrosion Inhibitor